Past Layouts

I like to archive old layouts of things, mostly because I like to see how much I've grown as a designer and code-monkey over the years. Looking at the HTML for older ones makes me cringe with how badly put together they are XD. Clicking a thumbnail will take you to a full screenshot (1280x1024).

Version 1 :: Broken Rhythm

Version 1

Version one was a frames layout, featuring lots of random-ass brushes and using my own fanart (one of the first Tenipuri fanarts I ever drew). It was cute at the time, but now I think it's ridiculously clunky and ugly. XD This was back when The Anime Fanlistings did not exist and everything was still on The Fanlistings.

Version 2 :: Chibi Style

Version 2

Version 2 was a regular div layout. I actually made this layout in a set - there is a Shinji layout and a Tachibana layout to match it. Created after the inception of TAFL.

Version 3 :: Snazz & Jazz

Version 3

Version three, the most recent past layout. Another frame layout, this time featuring a competely random oekaki I did. For how simplistic it is, I really like it. However, I'm trying to get away from frame/iframe layouts. XD This version also marked this fanlisting getting its new name.