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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is exactly what the name would imply: it is a listing of fans of any given subject; in this particular case the subject is the character Kamio Akira from Konomi Takeshi's Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis) anime, manga, and musicals. Fanlistings are similar to web cliques, the only difference being that everyone is accepted so long as they have a name, a valid email address and live somewhere on this green earth. :)

A fanlisting is not (usually) affiliated with any of the subjects they represent. There is no mailing list, you will not receive prizes or anything for being a member of this fanlisting.

Kamio who?

The Boy

Kamio Akira is the vice-captain of Fudoumine Chuu's mens tennis club. He's hot-headed and gets riled up easily, but at the same time, he seems to enjoy riling his opponents up as well. He is well-known for his speed on the court, and his matches tend to end fairly quickly. What he lacks in power and stamina he more than makes up with in heart - he'll do the very best he can or die trying. While he is primarily a singles player, he is also known to play doubles with both Ibu Shinji and Ishida Tetsu. Rhythm is his way of life; to step up his game is to increase his rhythm. The phrase he's most known for (though he only actually says it once) is "Rizumu ni Noruze! (I'm in the rhythm!)", though variations of it are heard throughout the series.

Kamio is extremely loyal to his friends, and will even go so far as to put their needs before his own. He is very ill-tempered towards those he hates, and will do everything he can to humilate them. Kamio is the type of person who learns from his mistakes, and will do whatever it takes to overcome his faults and weaknesses. Despite being very friendly with those he knows and trusts, he has difficulties relating to most people and tends to seem standoffish or angry.

The Love Life

Kamio's love interest in the series is Fudoumine second year Tachibana An, the younger sister of Fudoumine's captain, Tachibana Kippei. He knows she is strong but at the same time, he is overly protective of her. He is typically shy-boyish around her; meek, if you will. Kamio gets very loud and defensive anytime Seigaku's Momoshiro Takeshi gets anywhere near her . . . though I can't blame him too much, as Momoshiro once "borrowed" his bike and ended up crashing it. Girls in general are a bit mysterious to him, but he seems to get on with An-chan fairly well.

Dear An-chan, on the other hand, seems to enjoy teasing Kamio and thinks of him as nothing more than a brother/close friend.

The Stats

Fudoumine Chuu Second Year, Class 3 Group 4
Elementary School: Kite Fudoumine Elementary
Committee: None
Place most often visited (in school): Class 2 Group 2 (Shinji's classroom)
Best Subjects: Gym (Short and long distance running), music
Worst Subjects: English, Chemistry
Birth Date: 26 August (Virgo)
Age: 13 (anime canon)
Height: 165cm (~5'4")
Weight: 52kg (~114.6 lb)
Blood Type: O
Shoe Size: 27cm
Dominant Hand: Right
Play Style: Counterpuncher (Defensive baseliner)
Equipment: (Shoes) New Balance WCT-800, (Racquet) Dunlop XL Mega Impedance Titanium
Special Moves: Sonic Bullet
Fastest 50 meter dash: 5.9 seconds
Family: Father, Mother, older sister
Nickname(s): Speed Ace (as described by many people), Rhythm-kun (as called by Sengoku Kiyosumi)
Hobbies: Finding music with good rhythm, karaoke
Daily routine: Choose a CD for his alarm the following morning.
Spends his allowance on: CDs
Favourite food: Pot-au-feu (vegetable beef stew), imperial grass side dish
Favourite color: Flourescent yellow-green
Favourite type (of girl): A girl with a cute smile
Favourite date spot: "If we see each other at school, it's okay." (Very rough translation)
Skills other than tennis: Tapdance

Fun Facts - What's in his bag?

  1. Headphones (large, over-the-ear)
  2. MD (mini disc) player. Music puts him in his rhythm.
  3. Cellular Phone
  4. Meiji chocolate bar (It's his favourite)
  5. Concert tickets x2
  6. Collection of mini discs.
  7. Hair spray. He's very particular about his hair.

Other Information

Kamio is voiced by Suzuki Chihiro in the anime. Some of Suzuki's other notable role are Arima Souichirou (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou/KareKano), Platina Pastenr (Apocripha/0 games and dramas), and Kouta (Elfen Lied).

In the Tenipuri musicals, he was played by both Matsui Yasuyuki (first cast) and Fujiwara Yuuki (second cast).

Why Kamio?

Kamio is, without a doubt, my favourite Tenipuri character, rivaled only by Rikkaidai's Kirihara Akaya. Kamio is the sort of person I can relate to the most. He attends a basically crap ghetto school, he was bullied by his upperclassmen, etc. Even though he's been through some tough times, he's constantly trying to better himself in every way he can. He isn't really very cocky or egotisical, which is something I can appreciate. In tennis, all he really wanted was to be allowed to play a game he enjoyed. It wasn't ever "We're going to win Nationals", it was "We're going to go to Nationals." In the end, it's succeeding in what you set out to do that matters the most.

I won't say I don't like Kamio for his looks - I find him absolutely adorable. He has such a cute jealous streak, and even when he's screaming his head off at someone he still manages to make it seem endearing. His relationships with the other Fudoumine characters are obviously good, and he has good friends in them. His determination not to let Tachibana down seems to rule his character throughout the series, and he obviously takes it quite hard when he loses. But you know what they say - if the horse bucks you off, get right back on, and that is exactly what Kamio does.